About us

The Institute of Applied Photonics (IAP) e.V. is a non-profit, non-university research institute, established in 1999 and located in Berlin-Adlershof. Research and development as well as teaching in the field of photonics – with the emphasis on process-related, X-ray optical systems – set the basis. Since then, the institute is a fixed constituent of Berlin’s scientific potential in the city for science, economy and media Berlin-Adlershof and partner in the cluster “Optical analytics in the capital region Berlin-Brandenburg”.

Together with the Nano Optics Berlin (NOB) GmbH, the IAP develops and fabricates optics for the XUV- and soft X-ray range, which are used in research as well as industry. Both institutions have concentrated their experiences and competences in 2018 for that purpose.

You find in our program various diffractive optics, such as e.g. reflection gratings and reflection zone plates (RZP) in different configuration. These optics are primarily developed according to specifications by the customer, all necessary core capabilities are available. These already include the counseling for the problem solving and the associated optics design. Our physicists, developers and constructing engineers use, among others, computer simulations and own manufacturing capacities to fabricate prototypes at first and later series of such special optics for you (request).

Beyond, the IAP develops new methods, scientific instruments and optical components, to characterize ingredients in lowest amount more and more fast, precise and inexpensive, to control e.g. industrial process sequences in real time. Particularly for “industry 4.0“, secure and easy-to-handle methods and sensors for the damage-free material testing during the manufacturing process are important.

The IAP is an interdisciplinary team of physicists, electronic and constructing engineers. More than 15 years of concentrated knowledge and experience in the field of X-ray analytics are available to you.

The IAP cooperates with small and mid-size companies and other research institutions within R&D projects frequently, leading to new instruments and procedures. In this way, the IAP fulfills its constitutional task to advance research and development. With our pleasure, we support especially small and mid-size companies with the identification and application for funding resources in respective programs such as ZIM, InnoKom.

The IAP is a member of the competence network “Optical Technologies”, OptecBB e.V., the Association of Innovative Companies e.V. as well as founding member of the German Industrial Research Community Konrad Zuse e.V.