Research and development

The Institute of Applied Photonics e.V. performs works in research and development within the field of X-ray analytics and photonic fibers. These works are partially funded by programs of the German ministry for economy and technology (BMWi), the German ministry for education and research (BMBF) and the federal state Berlin, or are carried out on behalf of other research institutions or the industry, respectively.

Core areas of research and development are, amongst others, recycling / sorting, analysis of ashes and muds, the composition of glasses for X-ray optics, the analysis of layer thickness with Terahertz time domain spectroscopy, geology as well as research and development on demand.

Beyond that, we are concerned with

  • Fundamental and industrial research in the field of optical technologies
  • Theoretical calculations and design of optical, especially X-ray optical systems, ray tracing for the use of HOPG crystal monochromators
  • Research for the fabrication technology and for the application of photonic crystal fibers
  • Investigations of the roughness of surfaces and coatings in the range from nm to µm with the atomic force microscope (AFM) NTEGRA prima basic by NT-MDT
  • Calculations and manufacturing of laboratory glass melts at temperatures up to 1650° C with subsequent temperature studies. Realization of glass grinding and polish for the fabrication of samples.
  • Process development

Due to its collaboration in the OptecBB e.V. and in various network projects, the IAP maintains cooperation relationships to research institutions and companies which are oriented toward R&D. This cooperation is focused on the whole field of optical analytics and it serves for the technology transfer of results from research and development to industry.

Due to its collaboration in the network project “Photonic crystal fibers for novel light sources with controllable functionality” (funding by BMBF), which was coordinated by the Institute for Physical High Technologies e.V. Jena, the IAP could further expand its competence in the field of the technology for the fabrication of photonic fibers made of soft glasses for laser applications. In the field of laser applications, the Max-Born Institute Berlin became the most important cooperation partner.

Nowadays, the IAP is distinguished mainly by its competence in the field of process related X-ray analytics, the ray tracing for X-ray and neutron optics, and photonic crystal fibers.